Abby & Ron Juan

Budget & Finance Department

Abby & Ron Juan

Faithfully married for 15 years and are proud parents of two adorable sons, Ronald and Abbey place a great value on their family and are both grateful for all the blessings that come with it. Ronald works as a police officer, while Abbey is an administrative assistant while she pursues an accounting degree.

Ronald and Abbey attend the Throggs Neck Community Church in Bronx, NY and have been actively involved in various ministries since 2018.  As passionate followers of Christ, they are committed to serving others and spreading the love of God.  The couple serve as youth leaders focusing on mentorship and encouragement of young people in their faith. Abbey is also a part of the church’s music ministry, while Ronald serves in the security team ministry.

In addition to church activities, Ronald and Abbey support the Mt. Moriah Global Ministries in the Philippines and Joshua Care International. They recently joined the Harmony of Praise Christian Ministry and are excited to continue serving and being part of God’s kingdom work.

“We joined Harmony of Praise Christian Ministry because we believe in its mission and vision. Music has a powerful impact on spreading the gospel, as it can touch hearts, stir emotions, and convey messages in a way that words alone cannot. Through music, the message of God’s love and salvation can reach these young people’s souls, inspire them to seek a deeper relationship with Him, and draw them closer to the truth.

As Harmony of Praise Christian Ministry members, we are excited to contribute to the mission of spreading the gospel and touching lives through music. Thanks be to God!”

Abby & Ron,
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