Pastor Julius Eullaran

Ministry Director & Worship Pastor

Ptr. Julius is a licensed and ordained minister of the Philippine General Council of the Assemblies of God, a member of the pastoral staff of New Life Christian Fellowship Center and a member of Talisay Evangelical Association of Ministers and Cebu Province Ministerial Association. He is married to his beautiful wife, Aloha and together they are blessed with 3 precious children.

Both the families of Ptr. Julius and Sis. Nedi were very good friends and attended the same church in the 1980’s (approximately 40 years ago) before Sis. Nedi emigrated to the US in 1990. Ptr. Julius got reconnected with Sis. Nedi in October 2023 during the conclusion of Sis. Nedi’s 3-month mission trip in Cebu, Philippines, that primarily focused on the restructuring HOPCM Philippines.  They met for an afternoon casual fellowship at Ptr. Julius’s home, where they sang songs of worship while Ptr. Julius played the piano. At the time, Ptr. Julius felt a spiritual connection with the Holy Spirit, which ignited the atmosphere with what the Lord is about to do in his life. Sis. Nedi partially presented the vision and mission of Harmony of Praise Christian Ministry and subsequently asked Ptr. Julius to pray for God’s conviction about assuming the leadership role for HOPCM Cebu. Ptr. Julius revealed that before Sis. Nedi’s arrival in Cebu, the Lord had already impressed in his heart that he will be involved in a “big ministry” that was about to come. In obedience to what the Lord has told him, Ptr. Julius did not have a second thought and immediately accepted the leadership role for HOPCM Cebu even without knowing the kind of involvement that will be required of him and the status of HOPCM at the time.

In his early years, Ptr. Julius developed musical skills and the passion to mentor and train musicians for the Lord those jives with the HOPCM vision and mission. Ptr. Julius was the pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship until his acceptance of the responsibility to lead HOPCM Cebu.

“Everything was God ordained and I am beyond grateful to God for allowing me to serve and be a part of this purposely driven ministry for the young generation in the end time.”

Ptr. Julius,
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