Isaiah 43:21 – This people I have formed for myself; they shall declare my praise.


  • To raise a generation of Christian servant leaders, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and musical warriors from the lives of destitute children in the end times.


To partner with churches, both local and international, working together to reach, educate, train and disciple the children in their communities  toward becoming musical warriors, who will radically share the love and grace of God through music and the word of God.


Harmony of Praise is a team of Christian servants, from various churches, races and backgrounds, who share the same spiritual passion and beliefs to spread the love of Jesus with their God-given gifts in music, arts and service. Our doors are open to any brothers and sisters WHO CARRY THE SAME heart and beliefs of Harmony of Praise AND ARE WILLING TO BE PASSIONATELY  involved in achieving our mission.

  • We believe that the Word of God is life and truth, and is our weapon to withstand the forces of darkness.            

  • We believe that the language of music through worship and praise is originated from God, our creator, and is deeply rooted within our human spirit. Our worship to God with the unification of the Holy Spirit is our  weapon to win the battle that will lead us to spiritual breakthroughs, deliverance and victory in the last days.


Harmony of Praise connects and partners with churches who will help us carry out our MISSION of  training children in worship and praise through song, dance and other arts within a biblical foundation.

Harmony of Praise will provide opportunities for members of connecting churches to minister by sharing their God-given talents and abilities toward the achievement of our mission.


HOP Musical Warriors  & Musicianaries (Children & Youth Worship team/Ensemble)

Timbrel Worship

Youth Hip-Hop

Theater Arts (Dance and Drama)

Training on musical instruments  

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